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Alto Saxophone Unaccompanied:

W. Lu           Swelter (2003), written for Paul Tucker                                              $8

Alto Saxophone and Horn:
W. Lu           Romance (2000), written for Paul Tucker and Megan Gray                $8

Alto Saxophone and Piano:
W. Lu           Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano (2010),                                    $20
                      written for Paul Tucker
                         I. The Standish
                         II. Romanza
                         III. Tucker

Bassoon Duet:
S. Landis       Perspicacious Vicissitudes                                                                   $15

Bassoon Octet:
J. Agrell          First Suite                                                                                          $30
                         I. Spanish Dance
                         II. Waltz Triste
                         III. Passacaglia
                         IV. Creekdance

Bassoon and Piano:                                                                                             
C. Kies           Sonata for Bassoon and Piano                                                            $25
                          I. Tristamente
                          II. Arietta
                          III. Finale

Brass Choir:

A. Bruckner     Os justi meditabitur, arr. W. Lu                                                        $10

Brass Choir and Percussion:

W. Lu               In Memory of...(to honor the life of Molly Naugle)                           $35
                           I. Elegiac Song
                           II. Celebration of Life
Brass Quartet:
J. Agrell           Western Triptych  (two trumpets, two trombones)                            $20
                          I. Iron Horse
                          II. Elegy for the Plains Buffalo (with wine glasses)
                          III. Round-Up
                      (recorded on Clowns by Quartetto Mobile, Swiss Pan CD 510 305)

Brass Quintet:
W. Lu             Scenes from the Midwest: I. The Plains (1995)                                   $10
G. Verdi         Overture to La Forza del Destino, arr. J. G. Miller                             $20

Chamber Winds:
W. Lu             Motet for two flutes, two oboes, two bassoons, two horns,                                                                                                       two trumpets (2005), written for Alex Lubet                               $15

Choir (four part):
C. Kies           Five Thaxter Poems  (score plus 10 choral copies)                             $30
                            I. Oh Tell Me Not of Heavenly Halls
                            II. Song: "A Rushing of Wings in the Dawn"
                            III. "Appeal"
                            IV. Song: "Sing Littel Bird, Oh Sing!"
                            V. "April Days"
W. Lu             Colossus (2006)                                                                                  $10

Clarinet Quintet:
J. Agrell          March, Moon Song, and Mambo                                                         $10

Clarinet Quartet:
J. Agrell          After Dark Suite                                                                                  $30
                          I. Stepping Out
                          II. Nightshade
                          III. Between Rock and a Hard Place
                (recorded on Harlem Nocturne by The Swiss Clarinet Players, Amos CD 5772)  

Clarinet and Piano:
J. Agrell         Aviary Divertimento                                                                             $35
                          I. Hummingbird Toccata (E-flat clarinet)
                          II. March of the Penguins
                          III. Toucan Calypso
                          IV. A Raven’s Blues (Bass clarinet)
                          V. Canary Cadenza (unaccompanied B-flat clarinet)
                          VI. Elegy for the Dodo
                          VII. Blackbird Boogie
                       (Movements sold separately for $6 each also)
                       (recorded on Who Nose by Bernhard Rothlisberger, Gallo CD 951)

Double Bass Unaccompanied:

S. Landis            All in All                                                                                                 $10

Double Bass Quartet:
C. Debussy        The Girl with the Flaxen Hair, arr. S. Landis                                               $15

Flute Unaccompanied:
S. Rea            Rhythmania                                                                                             $7
S. Rea            Solace                                                                                                      $7

Harp Unaccompanied:

W. Lu            Sonata for solo harp (2003), written for Courtney Hershey Bress            $15
                           I. Andante – Free
                           II. Allegro vivace – Frantic
                           III. Allegro 

Horn Dodecatet:
S. Young          Dodecatet I, Remembrance                                                                   $20

Horn Octet:

A. Bruckner    Os justi meditabitur, arr. W. Lu                                                              $10
W. Lu              Fantasy for horn choir, written for Jeff Agrell (2007)                             $15
                        Tribute, written for Kaz Machala (2008)                                               $10
G. Mahler        Chorus from Aufersteh’n, arr. J. G. Miller                                              $10
                        Choral “Ruhevoll” from Symphony no. 4, arr. J. G. Miller                     $10
A. Scarlatti      Sonata, K. 119, arr. J. G. Miller                                                              $15
R. Schumann   Military March No. 1, arr. W. Lu                                                            $10
D. Shostakovich  Festive Overture (with optional tuba and percussion),                      $15
                             arr. J. G. Miller                                             

Horn Sextet:
W. Lu               Horn Sextet (2004)                                                                                $15
                             I. Fanfare
                             II. Chorale
                             III. Fugato                                                      

Horn Quartet and Piano:
W. A. Mozart    Quartet from Ideomeno, arr. J. G. Miller                                                 $10

Horn Quartet:        
J. S. Bach           Contrapunctus I, arr. W. Lu                                                                 $10
                          Contrapunctus III, arr. W. Lu                                                               $10
                          Contrapunctus IX, arr. W. Lu                                                               $10
A. Bruckner        Locus Iste, arr. W. Lu                                                                          $10
A. Campra          Rigaudon, arr. W. Lu                                                                            $8
G. F. Handel      Sarabande, arr. W. Lu                                                                           $8
F. J. Haydn         St. Anthony's Chorale, arr. W. Lu                                                        $8
F. Liszt               Hungarian Rhapsodie No. 2, arr. J. G. Miller                                       $15
W. Lu                 Horn Quartet No. 1 (1998)                                                                  $15
                              I. Clash
                              II. A Sense of Home
                              III. Proclamation                          
                          Veritas (2000)                                                                                        $15
J. P. Sousa          Stars and Stripes Forever, arr. W. Lu                                                    $10
Traditional         Danny Boy, arr. W. Lu                                                                          $8
Traditional         Shenandoah, arr. W. Lu                                                                         $8
M. Wall              Inscriptions                                                                                           $15
                              I. Memoirs
                              II. Testament

Horn Trio:
W. Lu                 Lullaby for Braxton (2007)                                                                    $10
                           Scenes from the Midwest: II. On the Lake (1995)                                $10
Traditional         Hold 'Em Texas!, arr. J. G. Miller                                                          $10

Horn Duet and Piano:

A. Klughardt      Schilfleider: Five Fantasy Pieces, arr. J. G. Miller                                 $20
G. Mahler           Des Antonius von Padua Fischpredigt, arr. J. G. Miller                        $10

                           Urlicht from Symphony No. 2, arr. J. G. Miller                                     $10

Horn Duet:
S. Joplin              The Entertainer, arr. W. Lu                                                                   $6
W. Lu                  Lullaby for Brock (2002)                                                                       $10
Traditional          Edelweiss, arr. W. Lu                                                                           $6

Horn and Piano:
F. J. Haydn          St. Anthony's Chorale, arr. W. Lu                                                          $10
W. Lu                  Adagio (1992), written for Jenny Stadtlander                                        $10
                            Cor de Force (2008), written for J. G. Miller                                         $10
                            Horn Sonata No. 1 (2003)                                                                     $20
                                I. Rush
                                II. Intermezzo
                                III. Exclamation                                       
J. G. Miller           Cloak and Dagger Games                                                                      $15
H. Purcell             Trumpet Voluntary, arr. W. Lu                                                             $10

Horn and Organ:
W. Lu                   Solace (2008), written for Tina Su                                                        $15

Horn Unaccompanied:
J. Agrell                Esprit de Cor (2008), written for Wayne Lu                                         $8
J. S. Bach             Cello Suite No. 1, arr. M. Wall                                                              $10
L. Greer               Musical Portraits                                                                                   $20

                             The Crust Around Emptiness                                                               $8
W. Lu                   The Sea (2000), written for Ted Thayer                                               $15
                                I. Waves
                                II. The Discoverers
                                III. Sea Winds
                                IV. White Caps           
J. G. Miller            Foglissimo (2007), written for Allen Fogle                                          $8
                              Macintyre's Lament (with offstage alphorn) (2009)                            TBD
                              Seven Sets on The Odyssey (2008)                                                        $10

Horn Method:
W. Lu                    The Warm-Up, A Basic and Practical Guide to Warming Up             $10

Mezzo Soprano and Piano:

J. Agrell                 A Little Madness in the Spring                                                            $12
                                 I. A Little Madness in the Spring
                                 II. Surgeons Must Be Careful
                                 III. Faith is a Fine Invention
                                 IV. Fame is a Fickle Food
                                 V. Old Age in His Ailing
                                 VI. A Little Madness in the Spring (reprise)

Mezzo-Soprano, Horn, and Piano:
G. Mahler             Des Antonius von Padua Fischpredigt, arr. J. G. Miller                      $10
                             Urlicht from Symphony No. 2, arr. J. G. Miller                                   $10

Oboe and Bassoon
J. S. Bach           Aria Variata all maniera Italiana, arr. C. Kies                                        $15

Oboe, Bassoon, and Piano
C. Kies                Ladle Rat Rotten Hut                                                                           $20

Oboe Trio:

J. Agrell                Rondo                                                                                                  $6

Percussion Ensemble
L. Snyder              Tum Balalaika                                                                                      $35

Piano Four Hands
C. Kies                 Four 4-Handed Complements                                                              $25
                                 I. Octatonic Rag
                                 II. Octatangos
                                 III. Introduction and Can Can
                                 IV. Ragtime Reflections

Piano and Orchestra
C. Kies                 Academic Festival Rag                                                                         $60

Soprano (Treble Chorus), Flute, and Piano
C. Kies                 Karen's Song (score and 10 choral parts)                                              $20

Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Horn, and Piano:

W. Lu                   Declaration (2004), written for Ted Thayer                                          $20
                                Prologue I
                                Prologue II
                                Recitative and Proclamation
                                Statement of Charges
                                Vow of Freedom and Honor
Treble Chorus and Piano
C. Kies                   English is Tough Stuff (score and 10 choral parts)                              $20
C. Kies                   Two Songs from "Wind in the Willows" (score and 10                      
                                    I. Duck's Ditty                                     choral parts)
                                    II. Toad's Triumph
Treble Chorus, Piano, and Orchestral Bells
C. Kies                   Crocus                                                                                                  $20

Trumpet and Piano:

S. Landis                 A Sketch of Monochrome                                                                   $15

W. Lu                      Sonata for trumpet and piano (2007),                                                 $20
                                    written for Kurt Gorman                                                         
                                    I. The Early Years
                                    II. Divergence
                                    III. A New Life                                                                 

Trumpet Unaccompanied:     
W. Lu                      Jag (2005)                                                                                            $8

Tuba and Marimba:

S. Landis                  Under a Gibbous Moon                                                                           $15

Violin, Viola, Cello:
J. Agrell                   Igneous Etude                                                                                     $15

Wind Ensemble:
A. Bruckner            Os justi meditabitur, arr. L. Snyder                                                      $35

Woodwind Quartet:
J. Agrell                   March, Moon Song, and Mambo                                                          $10
                               (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon)                    

Woodwind Quintet:
J. Agrell                   Carib Dance (with Latin percussion instruments)                                $15
J. Agrell                   Circus Etudes                                                                                       $40
                                   I. Dancing Elephants
                                   II. Clowns
                                   III. Trapeze Artists
                                   IV. Acrobats
K. King                   Barnum and Bailey's Favorite March, arr. J. G. Miller                          $15
W. Lu                      Scenes from the Midwest: III. The Heartland (2008)                           $20